Commercial Services

Puerto Rico Maritime Consulting, Inc provides various types of surveys and client representation for the marine and offshore industry along the Atlantic Seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico Maritime Consulting, Inc can source contractors and material for you. When you are working in this region and you have a particular need give us a call at 832-275-3460.

Puerto Rico Maritime Consulting, Inc provides Client Representation, Shore Side support, Port Engineering & Project Management services. We can represent you at construction or repair facilities to verify that all work done to your vessel is accomplished to the standard you require. Puerto Rico Maritime Consulting, Inc can represent you with regulatory and other inspectors to accomplish required inspections.

Puerto Rico Maritime Consulting, Inc can prepare a detailed work specification report. This will detail the required repair in such a way that it can be used to obtain baseline pricing from repair facilities. It will detail estimated material, time and cost of repair. This report accounts for such details as removal and replacement of interferences required to accomplish your repairs. It accounts for regulatory requirements. We use this report to obtain bids on all aspects of the required work, and prepare a spreadsheet for your evaluation.



  • On/off hire survey
  • Condition survey
  • Cargo loading/discharge monitoring
  • Damage cargo survey
  • Pre hire container inspection.
  • Incident investigation
  • Insurance claim investigation
  • Trip in tow survey
  • Pre shipment inspection
  • Warranty survey