Pleasure Boat Services

Located in Puerto Rico, we are at the gateway to the Caribbean’s finest boating destinations. We provide a variety of different surveys and services. If your boat needs repairs we can represent you at repair facilities. Browse this site and see what we offer. If you need something that is not offered contact us at and we will try to steer you on the correct heading.

All surveys use American Boating & Yachting Council, National Fire Protection Association and Federal regulations as standards for determining deficiencies and recommendations. The valuations are done with the use of various services and research of regional markets. This is why the work does not stop when we finish the inspection; it takes some time to compile this information and prepare the report. The survey belongs to you only and will not be distributed to anyone else. We work for and represent only you!


This the most comprehensive and time consuming survey. The objective of this survey is to determine the overall general condition of the boat. The boat must be out of the water and the bottom cleaned. After the survey is completed; the vessel is returned to the water for a sea trial. The engines are inspected and run to get a determination of their general operational condition. A complete engine survey is not conducted. If you desire a complete engine survey, one can be arranged.

This survey will identify deficiencies that need attention. This is your tool to use when negotiating with the seller. This is how you can save money and avoid costly repairs in the future.

This survey is usually required by financial institutions.



This survey is used for Insurance purposes. This survey is done with a strong look at all the potential risk including environmental risk. It will be used by the underwriters to determine the insurance risk.



This survey is to determine the extent of damage and recommended repairs. For an additional fee we can write a repair specification to send to different repair facilities for pricing.



There is a lot of disagreement on the use of an oil analysis to evaluate the engine. Engine oil is like our blood. It retains metal particles and contaminants; when these particulates are analyzed and checked against the manufacturers recommended limits it gives one an ideal of possible wear of major components of the engine. This is just like getting a blood test to determine if some illness exists and the lab give the results of the analyses to your doctor to evaluate.

There are two issues here that must be considered. One is that in order to determine wear of any internal component; the analyses should be accomplished before every oil change for the life of the engine and filed for tracking. Most boat owners do not do this. The second issue is; in order to get a good evaluation the engine must have run at least some hours. The minimum we use is 100 hours and most boat owners do not keep track of this. Worst yet; you may have an unscrupulous seller who knows this and may misrepresent the hours run on the oil sample after a recent oil change.

So, why do this analysis? The engines represent a large part of the value of the vessel and major repairs are expensive. This test is relatively inexpensive compared to value of possible engine replacement or the cost of repairs. If the results are very unfavorable, you will know that something is not right and may want to dig a little deeper before committing to the purchase. The older the engine is the more we would recommend this analysis for your evaluation.